Costs of Crime

Legacy resource for the MMECC project


EC Mainstreaming Methodology project (MMECC)

The aim of this project was to extend awareness of the methodology for estimating the costs of crime. Agencies in a few member states make significant use of this methodology and incorporate the resulting estimates in the appraisal (ex ante) and the evaluation (ex post) of interventions, projects and pilots in the criminal justice policy field. But in many states the methodology is not employed, resulting in a lack of means for developing an evidence base documenting the benefits of criminal justice interventions. This proposal has three principal goals. The first is to audit the methodology used for estimating the costs of crime across member states, and the use that is currently made of the methodology and the resulting estimates. The second is to bring together criminal justice policy analysts from member states and academic researchers from related fields to share findings about methodology for estimating the costs of crime and about utilising the findings. The third is to compile a series of resources including data, learning materials and interactive models for use by policymakers and others wishing to review the methodology for making estimates of the costs of crime, to explore examples of the application of the estimates in real-world criminal justice policy settings or to share their experience with others.