About the project

Measuring the costs of crime is a specialist field, but far from being a narrow one. The breadth is apparent from the review of literature prepared for this project. The Costs of Crime Bibliography summarises the main areas in which contributions have been made, but is by no means definitive. It is broken down in several ways, offering a review document in pdf format plus a list of references in EndNote format and list of references in pdf format in the Cost of Crime bibliography section.

The Evolution of costs of crime estimates is an excerpt from the Bibliography that summarises some of the key studies in which estimates have been made.

A further excerpt from the Bibliography presented in stand-alone format reviews the Economics of Crime and Criminal Justice . This section provides a link between the theoretical treatment of crime in the law and economics literature and the more pragmatic issues with which the site is mostly concerned.

The Developments across the EU section notes that there are certain kinds of crime that pose trans-national issues of measurement and control. Trafficking of drugs or people for example involves multiple countries. Co-ordinated responses require collecting data from various sources and cannot be based simply on national level considerations.

A key purpose of cost of crime estimates is to inform resource allocation decisions in the criminal justice policy sphere. The Relevance for public policy section provides links to other parts of the site where policy applications are located.

The Links to other sites section focuses on links to organisations with direct interests in the costs of crime from a policy perspective. It provides links to the research departments associated with criminal justice departments of national governments and also to some of the international organisations producing relevant material and reports.